VidPresenters 3D is Brand New, Ready-To-Use, Realistic, Premium Virtual 3D Talking Avatars. It’s The Most Stunning, Original & Unique set of 3D Talking Head Avatars & 3D Character Video Assets You Will Ever See.

The Truth Is: Most Businesses Would Go For A Format That Helps Them Stand Out In Their Market. If your major competitors are using 2D Animation videos, then using 3D animation which will surely differentiate your business from your competitors as 3D Animation makes your business look more sophisticated, cutting-edge and artistic, when used in advertising, marketing and sales. 3D Animation is a Billion Dollar industry with Many Established Businesses using more and more 3D Characters & Video Assets in Their Marketing and Promotional Campaigns To Get Their Messages Across and Connect with their Audiences.

It is the Captivating nature of 3D Animated Videos and their ability to drive customer engagement that has led Many Big Brands such as Samsung, Netflix, Apple, Geico, Procter & Gamble(P&G), Coca-Cola, Just to name a few, to use 3D Animation in their content marketing Campaigns. According to Financial & Marketing Data Published by These Companies, Using 3D Video Content in their Advertising & Promotional Campaigns has been a resounding Success as 3D Animation’s Emphasis on Glamour and Style, Led to More Views, Higher Audience Retention and have greatly improved the look of their Products and Services when compared to 2D Animation OR Even Traditional Media Ads.

VidPresenters 3D Review

But There Is A Huge Problem Finding Unique 3d Animated Video Assets Is Pretty Challenging! As A Video Maker, Online Marketer or Business Owner, Having Access to High Quality Video Assets is a MUST. But Creating Captivating 3D Animated Character & Spokesperson Videos That Grab Attention CAN BE QUITE A HEADACHE. Because Animation Costs, Steep Learning Curve And Time Spent Waiting On The Project To Be Completed Plus Many Revisions. Today They Have The Perfect Solution Called VidPresenters 3D.

With VidPresenters 3D, you can create high converting 3d-style videos in 3 simple steps:

  • STEP 1: Just Open A 3D Presenter Backdrop Template in PowerPoint
  • STEP 2: Edit the Text, Change the Image, Video or Even Add Audio.
  • STEP 3: EXPORT as MP4 and Upload to Social Media pages, Blogs or Websites.

It’s That Easy. You Will Not Find A More High Quality, Original And Diverse 3D Video Characters Package That You Can Use In Unlimited Projects, Anywhere Else On The Market Especially At The Special Low Price You’re Gonna Get VidPresenters 3D At Today!

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With VidPresenters 3D, Their 3D Talking Head Spokespersons Are Original, as They Were Created In-House By their Animation Design Team and Are Not Available Anywhere Else On The Internet. This fact will ensure that Your Video Projects will have the Versatility And Uniqueness That Is Lacking in So Many Videos Circulating Online That Tend To Use The Same Old Footage From The Same Sources, over and over again. Whether You Are Trying To Sell A Product, Simplify A Complicated Idea or just trying to Connect With Your Audiences in new ways, It Can help You To Clearly Present Features And Functions Of Your Products Or Services In A Visually Pleasing, Engaging And Compelling Way.


  • VidPresenters 3D includes 14 premium male and female talking Avatar spokesperson in animated GIF, MOV, PNG, SWF and MP4 Formats.
  • 3D Green Screen Actor Videos with Call-to-action Voice clips in Mp4 Format.
  • Stunning 3D Presenter Backdrop Templates Done in PowerPoint
  • 3D Toon Presenter Lara with 40+ Action Elements in MP4, MOV, SWF, PNG and GIF Formats.
  • 3D Toon Presenter Paul with 40+ Action Elements in MP4, MOV, SWF, PNG and GIF Formats.
  • VidPresenters 3D without Animation Skills using Software you Already Own. Creating  Engaging and Breathtaking 3D Style Videos Has Never Been Easier.
  • With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to produce your very own Stunning Spokesperson Videos & Interactive Presentations using their Premium, Ready-To-Use Talking Avatars and 3D Spokesperson Characters in Any Video Software that Accepts Animated GIF, MOV, MP4, SWF or PNG Formats.
  • VidPresenters 3D Contains Hundreds of High Quality, 3D Video Assets & Premium Graphics that you can use in an Unlimited Number of  Personal, Commercial & Client Projects, Without Hassle!
  • Step-By-Step Tutorials Plus Full Developer Rights Included Upfront.
What Are You Waiting for ?

You’ve got nothing to lose. Try It Today



  • Create Videos & Presentations That Stand Out: With Such a Large Number of Videos ALL Trying To Get Viewers’ Attention, It’s Getting Harder & Harder For Companies To Cut Through The Noise. Another Talking Head Or A Boring 2D Explainer Video Just Won’t Do The Trick. You Need Engagement, And 3D Animated Talking Avatar Videos Will Help You do Just That.
  • Their Ready-to-Use 3D Talking Avatars might be just the thing your business needs to get more viewers, more likes, and more shares.
  • One of the major advantages of using VidPresenters 3D for your Videos, Websites and social media channels is that it is More Flexible and less expensive than Traditional spokesperson videos involving a Human actor.
  • Normally, a spokesperson video on Popular Freelancer Marketplaces can set you back hundreds of dollars based on the number of words that you want recorded in your video. For example, a spokesperson video with a 150-word script can set you back $250 and that does not include revisions, which always cost extra.
  • Their Stunning, Photorelistic 3D Characters Allow You Greater Flexibility in The Type And Length Of Videos That You Can Make To Fully Represent Your Product Or Brand, which Can Be more Cost Effective Than A Live Spokesperson, Since There Are No Word Limits Involved, No Production, Labour, or Revision Costs, And Less Time Delays Searching For The Perfect Spokesperson.
  • Transform Your Plain Looking Videos, Presentations And Digital Media Projects From Dull And Boring, To Attention-Grabbing, Viral Sensations That Have The Potential To Turn Casual Viewers Into Paying Customers.
  • Now You Can easily Create That Perfect 3D Spokesperson Or Explainer Video With their Ready-To-Use Avatars Without Much Hassle.


  • Q: Is This a Software? No, VidPresenters 3D is a Collection of Stunning, Premium Done-for-You 3D Talking Avatars & Animated Presenter Characters in Animated GIF & MOV, PNG, SWF & MP4 Video Formats That you can use in ANY Software that Accepts these Formats. The Package also includes Tons of HD Backdrop Images, PowerPoint Templates, HD Video Bonuses, 3D Characters & More.
  • Q: What is my license? VidPresenters 3D comes with  A Developer License  which means you can use the graphics freely in an unlimited Number of Personal, Commercial or Client multimedia projects.
  • Q: Are There Any Upsells? YES.  A Diversity Upgrade Package is Available as the first Upsell and Comes with Diverse 3D Animated characters representing 5 Different Ethnic Groups, New 3D Presenters, PowerPoint AD Templates and More.
  • Q: What Software do I need to edit the Graphic files? The Graphics in the pack come in PNG, JPG, Animated GIF, MP4, SWF & MOV Formats and can be opened in Any graphics software that accepts These Formats. With VidPresenters 3D, You will also need PowerPoint 2013 or Higher to Edit The PowerPoint Templates that comes with this Package.
  • Q: How will I get my downloads? After your purchase, you’ll instantly receive an email with login information and instructions on how to access your downloads. Once you login you will be able to download your files from the Downloads area. Downloads are delivered as downloadable zip files in the downloads area.
  • Q: How will I get my Bonuses? All VidPresenters 3D Bonuses seen on this page will be delivered with the main product.
  • Q: What is your Refund Policy? You should review the product carefully and pay special attention to their product requirements BEFORE you purchase. Please note that the entire product can be seen in great detail on this page (including Preview videos and display images) which will give you the opportunity to review the product before you buy. They ONLY Do refunds If there is an issue with VidPresenters 3D that their technical support team can’t solve for you. If you are not sure about something, it’s best to ask them, before you make a purchase.
  • Q: Where can I get Support? If you require assistance or Product Support. Please feel contact us at [email protected]