Prospect Dynamic is a simple to setup, WordPress plugin. The sole purpose is to give an advantage, an edge – to capturing a webpage visitor’s attention.

Today EVERY Business Needs Websites And Landing Pages But With “Around 380 Websites And Pages Being Created Every Minute.” It’s very easy for your pages to get lost in the crowd. The one reason your pages aren’t converting is. They’re boring. And boring static pages don’t convert. No matter how good your product or content is for you to make sales & profits – your pages must grab instant attention. They must stand out. They must Engage. Consumers now expect a lot more than a dead page being thrown at them.

Prospect Dynamic is the PERFECT solution to help you quickly create pages that make an impact & stand out. And it will not only make your pages engage more, get tons more attention and convert better. It will do that for your customers too. And you can charge them top dollar for your service. These are the kind of engagement boosting personalized pages you will soon be able to make in just minutes. Before today, you’d have to pay a freelancer $1,000-$1,500 to create a website or pages like this. But now you won’t have to. In fact, now the tables have turned… and you’re on the other side – charging YOUR clients that kind of money.

Prospect Dynamic Review

Make your pages stand out in just 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Pick a template: Choose One of their three templates to get started Or Upload your own HTML Page for BEAUTIFUL looking pages.
  • Step 2: Personalize: Add stunning personalized elements to your page giving it the ‘WOW’ Factor and a super-professional edge
  • Step 3: Publish. Hit publish.

It takes a few minutes to create personalized pages for any business or website! You can use their in-built “done-for-you” personalization templates to create pages in ANY niche! Prospect Dynamic’s cutting-edge technology delivers results like no other app or plugin in the market so you can command top dollar for your services. Nothing On The Market Comes Even Close To Prospect Dynamic – AT ANY PRICE. Sure, you could easily spend $1,000 – $1500 for a personalized website or a page. Or you could invest tens of thousands of dollars to develop a plugin like this software in-house and STILL not have all the features and capabilities that you’ll get with Prospect Dynamic. So Get It Now.

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Prospect Dynamic will allow you to PERSONALIZE the pages that your cusomters see, in REAL TIME and changing dynamically – with every visitor that comes to the page. They do that, by allowing DYNAMIC (changing) information on the page – so that a person can see their OWN NAME when they arrive. Or – their industry, or their company name. The Dynamic changes can work with any Autoresponder, ColdEmail system – and even with Facebook ads! – so that someone clicking from a Facebook ad, will see their OWN NAME when they hit the page. Better Conversions – through personalisation.


  • Surge your conversions: Rapidly convert visitors into loyal paying customers. Econsultancy found that 94% of companies experienced a rise in conversion rates after personalizing their websites.
  • Amplify your engagement: As per Instapage – 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized. Now, you can create UNLIMITED personalized pages to engage your visitors 1-on-1.
  • Boosts your ROI: Providing personalized experiences on your website is proven to make visitors staying longer (i.e. low bounce rates) and making more frequent purchases (increased revenue). Just like Amazon did…
  • Incredibly Fast And Easy to Use: Quickly download and install Prospect Dynamic. Fill in a few blanks and create attention-grabbing personalized pages in just minutes.
  • No Prior Experience Needed: Never created a page before? – No worries. With Prospect Dynamic, Simply use one of their pre-made templates and customize as per your needs.
  • Really Easy To Sell As A Service To Offline Businesses: Small businesses will happily pay your asking amount if you can add life through personalization to their dead web pages.
  • Turn Traffic Into Sales: Use First name, last name, location, company name, industry and whatever other information you want… to create a personalized experience for every visitor. Make your customers feel special and watch your sales soar.
  • Save Time & Money: No need to create separate pages manually. The complete set-n-forget system helps you create multiple personalized pages (i.e. unlimited) in one-go.
What Are You Waiting for ?

You’ve got nothing to lose. Try It Today 



  • Improve Your ROI Across Every Page You Create And Publish: Your pages will now start getting a lot more attention, sending your click-rates through the roof. And this in turn only means one thing… higher profits.
  • Surge Your Conversions From Every Click: Now that you’ve added Prospect Dynamic to your sites your visitors will spend more time on your site – which means more buying time. They would love seeing their names and other information on your pages and feel special. Which leads to increased conversions and more sales for you. Make sure to use Prospect Dynamic on every page you have!
  • Amplify Your Engagement: Pages built with Prospect Dynamic are proven to skyrocket engagement. They simply make people stick around more and buy more. Create a personalized page in minutes and easily double your conversions.
  • Personalize ANY Page: Use and personlise one their slick, ready-to-go, professional templates, crafted by their team of graphic personalization experts. Simply use as is or edit to your heart’s content – and you’ll be racking up those conversions in no time. OR upload your own HTML pages and have no limits on the styling that you can create.
  • Make Easy Profits Each Time You Sell A Personalized Page: Now you’ve got a commercial licence and added a new, yet proven profitable business to your bottom line. When small businesses see the results that such pages bring in­—they’ll be practically queuing up to give you their $500, $1000 or even $2000!
  • Get More Email Opens & Clicks Than Ever Before: Now that you’re using personalized pages – your subscribers feel like you really care about them personally. And making an effort sells. Just imagine how much your email is going to stand out in everybody’s inbox when you use the subject line: ‘I made this personalized offer especially for you…’. As soon as your subscribers click through and experience their very own personalized page and offer, they’ll be excited to not only open your next email but to buy your products.


  • Can I create an UNLIMITED number of pages? That depends on the license you pick. The Personal License allows you to create 5 pages, while the Commercial License allows an unlimited number of pages to be created.
  • Can I sell website/pages personalization as a service? Sure. You need to pick the Commercial License right now for a low one-time fee or you can pay an extra $97 after the launch ends.
  • Can I get it later? Not this offer at this price. Prospect Dynamic is being sold at the moment during this special launch for a very low one-time price. They will never repeat this offer.
  • Is my investment risk-free? Totally. There’s a 30-day unconditional no question asked money-back guarantee on your low one-time investment. Try Prospect Dynamic for 30 days, and if you don’t see improved results – just ask for a refund.