Do you wanna launch the business or begin promoting the one you’ve got already but don’t know what to start with? Want to spread your audience and get more profit?

The idea is clear: you’ve got a limited budget and wish your brand to be known. A professional set of marketing materials is your key to successful and effective business development.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been telling you about these marketing materials and today is your last chance to get it for next to nothing. They’d be crazy to ignore the power of results this set provides and getting the chance to own the Basic marketing materials to get real business profit for the incredibly low price.

You’ll ask do I really need all this stuff for the start?? Yes, you desire it. That’s the core of effective and powerful small business marketing.

What is Marketing Materials For Small Business?

Marketing Materials For Small Business is a professional set of marketing materials for successful and effective business promotion.

Boost Your Sales With Powerful Marketing Materials For Small Business. Kick The Year Off Right, Promoting The Best Marketing Materials For Successful And Effective Business Promotion At An Incredibly Low Price.

Inside you will get:

  • 2500+ high-quality and easy to use graphic design templates;
  • 100+ style variations to cover all your requirements;
  • 6 file formats for professional and amateur use both Mac as well as Windows;
  • Countless saving of time, effort, and money.

What profit can you get?

Extend your audience, make the brand visible through:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Business cards
  • Logos

Catch attention, be recognizable, boost direct income due to:

  • Flyers and posters
  • Brochures
  • Stationery

Get more followers, shares, conversions, and drive your sales thanks to:

  • Social media covers and posts
  • Web banners

Encourage, care, and gain the trust of your clients via:

  • Coupons and discounts
  • Greeting cards

Effortlessly Get Started

  • Stop spending hours looking for “perfect marketing materials examples”;
  • Stop hiring designers to create some stunning layout for the effective brochure;
  • Stop paying tons of money for every print item variation or web banner to drive your sales;
  • Start saving money for expensive design services and guides;
  • Start working on real strategies using basic marketing materials for small business;
  • Start promoting today and get the profit now.


Key Features

Here the Key Features of Marketing Packages for Small Business

  • Save time and money

Utilizing readymade marketing material templates is less time-consuming than creating designs from the ground up. Eventually, it results in cost savings for a company. The cost of creating preset forms will be considerably less expensive than having to reinvent documents every time they are needed.
  • Professional graphic design

Even if you don’t have graphic design experience, you probably know how to make adjustments to existing graphics. That’s the beauty of using a template: you already know how to use it.
  • Multiple file formats

Includes all file formats for both Mac and Windows. The templates are all delivered in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, Apple Pages formats. So, you’re able to choose the format you want.
  • Variety of templates

If you’re looking to put together some brochure, banner and so on to show off your corporate identity and branding guidelines, this business marketing kit is for you. You’ll get hundreds of high-quality, promotional marketing material ideas in 1 easy-to-use bundle solution!
  • Variety of categories

Different types of marketing materials cover a huge variety of topics and categories including real estate, banking, insurance, beauty, music, legal services, promotion, advertisement, travel, fashion, and more.
  • Variety of styles
This bundle includes a variety of styles to show off your brand guidelines. You’ll find simplistic layouts, minimalistic designs, along with other professionally designed templates. The styles will suit almost any kind of project, besides include modern, colorful designs.
  • Print-ready CMYK

All the print templates are hi-res, high-quality CMYK files at 300 DPI with 3 mm bleed. It makes them print-ready, so as soon as you update your company info, you’re good to go!
  • Easily customizable

Designed according to high standards, these templates are really simple to customize. You can easily update features like color swatches, editable text, vector-based icons, etc.
  • One-click color change

Using the “Global Color” feature, you can change the entire booklet color to match your brand, with just one click.
  • Brand consistency

All the designs you choose for your brand should be consistent so that your audience can tie them together and know it comes from the same business. It means keeping the consistent visual elements like brand color palette and templates. All of those things are taken into consideration here.

Why should you buy it?

Marketing Materials For Small Business helps you expand your audience, make your brand visible, and increase profits through advertising marketing materials.

It works simply:

  • Pick the marvelous template you preferred
  • Easily customize it regarding your brand guidelines and business purposes
  • Print or share via web and get more customers, sales, together with profits


And here is why I recommend you to get Marketing Materials For Small Business today:

PowerPoint Presentations

Always remember about the Big Picture. Especially, when you’re presenting your business to the others, discussing some data with the potential clients, or just informing the audience about your brand. Webinars, meetings, conferences — they all require a PowerPoint presentation. You’ll ask why this type of marketing material is so significant?
  • Most people are visuals
  • All your tons of words will be boring and static without visual interaction

PowerPoint presentation templates are great visual tools:

  • Dozens of easy to edit high-quality slides;
  • Every presentation is unique and helps to express each person’s creativity plus style;
  • All shapes, icons, maps, elements are 100% editable, easy to change the size, colors without losing quality;
  • The tone of infographics, illustrations to make your promotional marketing material ideas pop;
  • All the templates are multipurpose, furthermore, they can be used for any presentation projects, company reports, lectures, exhibitions, etc;
  • Marketing PPT set will help you turn data into an amazing presentation fast and save much time;
  • One-click to vary all colors to completely suit your brand’s color.

Dominate your market and use PowerPoint marketing material templates for any meetings.

Business Cards

The business card is simply an awesome custom printed marketing material tool. The template solution is the best for you to start. Why?

  • One of the basic benefits of starting with a business card template is to create a reasonably priced design quickly;
  • Insert text, images into the template, substitute the color palette and you’re ready to print in one sitting;
  • Although a business card is a small piece, it can contain a lot of information;
  • Both US and EU formats;
  • Fully print-ready;
  • Free fonts used.

Creative Logos

If you’re looking for a quick start with logo design, experimenting with a high-quality logo template can be a great initial step. It can help you with a starting point for your logo design, which you can build and adapt.

All the templates cover the following features:

  • Fully editable colors;
  • Easy to modify the text;
  • Only free fonts used;
  • Print-ready files;
  • Resizable vector files;
  • Personal and Commercial Licenses;
  • Adaptable vectors due to your needs;
  • Handcrafted with love and attention.

This collection of logo templates cover a huge variety of colors and forms. Choose the one you like, and effortlessly get started!

Social Media Covers and Posts

If people can’t find your business via social media, they’re going to search for your competitors who ARE present on preferred social channels. That’s why you have to keep connected with your audience as well as convert your visitors to customers. To stand out from the crowd you can easily with the help of creative digital marketing materials like social media posts.

  • Everything should be done in a definite color palette, style and look like the one brand harmony;
  • Different types of social media templates cover all your web activity;
  • Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter will offer you even more opportunities to share your posts, content, along with promotions;
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube will be great tools for searches and reviews;
  • Etsy network helps you to convert visitors into customers and increase your profit.
  • Eye-catching templates that come in different sizes help you to increase social presence with striking posts.

Don’t just add network connections and sign out — join groups, enter into dialogue with connections, share your blog posts. This will make your company look responsive and credible.

You get a complete ready-to-use digital marketing package for small business:

  • Facebook Cover, Photo Post, Event Cover, App / Tab Image;
  • Twitter Header, In-stream Photo;
  • LinkedIn Company Cover, Post Header, Profile Banner, Update/Blog Post;
  • Instagram Square Feed, Landscape Feed;
  • Pinterest Pin, Board Cover;
  • YouTube Channel Cover, Video Thumbnail;
  • Etsy Cover, Listing Photo, Shop Banner;
  • Tumblr Image Post, Banner;
  • Social Media Universal Post.

Web Banners

For several reasons, you may need to create a web banner: for your social media profile, advertisement, blog, etc. You can use the banner template to inspire something unique, or simply add your branding and keep the rest alike. When you’re launching some event or service in no time to attract more eyes, get more clicks, increase the bigger audience, a web banner template is the best marketing material solution.

  • Banner templates are perfect for any personal or corporate use;
  • Made attentively to details and following the newest trends in design;
  • Quick and easy to customize templates;
  • Vector shapes;
  • Free fonts used.

Flyer and Poster Designs

A well-designed flyer captures users’ attention and is something people want to hold on to — literally. You may be very surprised, but print marketing materials drive the local sales. The first is advertising, then promotion, then profit. Such a chain really works!

It’s easier than you might think to use a flyer template:

  • Spotless and professionally designed;
  • Fully editable, easy to change colors, texts, images;
  • Very simple picture replacement via smart object;
  • Layers are labeled, organized in groups for easy navigation;
  • Alterable, designed to fit two most popular flyer sizes;
  • Works perfectly for different areas.

Professional Brochures

The cool brochure should have one aim: teach your target audience! No matter to display your business, describe a marketing strategy to your team, or promote your services at the event, a brochure can be a huge explanatory item that delivers powerful results. When you have a brochure in your bag or at the conference — it always makes an impression on the customer plus increases your level.

Why should I use such company marketing material like a brochure template?

  • Using a template will help you save a lot of time and money that goes into that design process;
  • The brochure template is perfect for business as well as corporate purposes;
  • Clean, modern and high-quality variety of bifold and trifold templates;
  • Works perfectly for different areas to showcase your business in the best possible way;
  • An effective content arrangement that you can click to edit, paste your text, and replace the images.

Coupons and Discounts

Coupons and deals are part of any business. Everyone loves a good deal. What is a better way to let people in on your deal than with exclusive coupons? By creating marketing materials for a small business like coupons, you don’t just offer a discount to customers — you offer your brand passport and that’s the real power of creativity. Hold regular sales, promotions, raffles, and get extra rewards!

Coupon templates are useful knick-knacks:

  • They’re completely customizable to suit your brand’s colors and corporate fonts;
  • Items are print-ready for your professional use;
  • Simple and clean structured files;
  • Quick and easy to customize templates;
  • Well organized layers and layer groups;
  • 300 DPI resolution;
  • Free fonts used.


Who should use it?

I think Marketing Materials For Small Business perfectly fits with people who are working as:

  • Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Online Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Businesses
  • Make money online

Evaluation And Price

This is a strictly LIMITED TIME discounted offer! The price will jump significantly – likely to $97 in the near future… The big discount on this page you are seeing right now is to encourage you to take advantage of this special offer during launch. In, fact if you exit immediately and are available back later, you’ll end up pay more!

Here are details on the worth and a few upgrades of this product:

Front End: Full set with Commercial license $29

  • Available for commercial use;
  • Unlimited end products for sale;
  • Unlimited broadcast use;
  • One commercial account for social media use;
  • Unlimited physical paid ads for local markets

OTO #1: Full set with Extended license $149

  • Available for commercial use;
  • Unlimited end products for sale;
  • Unlimited broadcast use;
  • Multiple commercial accounts for social media use;
  • Unlimited physical paid ads for local, national, and global markets;
  • One Mobile, Desktop or Web App Use;
  • Additional bonus templates

Last thoughts and conclusion

Marketing Materials For Small Business is definitely a great product, you want to own it as soon as possible. Before your opponent does.

This is a great product, for a perfect price. It is completely different from the products out there. You really want to form extra money with this powerful product within the right market at the proper time with their discount offers. You can now use this Marketing material For Small Business to get a cash bank instantly!