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STOODAIO WHAT IS IT Stoodaio is a new, Artificially Intelligent Web-App Will Write,Create, Host, Publish AND Syndicate Profit-Producing Videos for you in any language and any niche in 3 minutes or less. Video marketing and video content is king. Technology has advanced at lightning speed. And today, right now: you cannot build a business (or


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VIDEO CAMPAIGNOR WHAT IS IT Video Campaignor is a NEW, state-of-the-art  “Video Sales Bot” ARMY. Brought to you by my good friends Todd Gross, Magnus Ilechukwu and Peter Beattie. It equips you with the software, tools, and training you need to generate steady income from home (or ANYWHERE!)… Unless you’ve been living under a rock,


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COURSEREELAI WHAT IS IT CourseReelAI is a cloud-based AI powered video-course creation app that uses CorsAI technology to create course topics, chapters per topic, script/content per chapters and turns the text script or voice into a proper video with slides, text, design, voice-over, sync and more automatically added and ready to customize in minutes! Video content


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VIDJACK WHAT IS IT VidJack Is a Brand New Proprietary Technology Which Legally Hijacks & Turns Any Youtube & Vimeo Video Into A Profit Pulling Machine By Adding Interactive Elements (CTAs, Email Gates, Share Gates, Reviews, Gamification, Ecom Widgets, etc) That Explodes Traffic, Leads & Sales In Minutes. Traditional video content has proven to be


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REVIEWREEL WHAT IS IT ReviewReel is One Stop Shop For Creating Engaging Product Review Videos For Any Product Without Writing Or Recording Anything.  Review videos are bringing millions of dollars daily. Why not get your share? Every day people are making thousands upon thousands with simple review videos. This accounts for hundreds of millions in


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FACESWAP WHAT IS IT FaceSwap is The Unlimited Visual Content Creation App That Makes Creating Engaging, Results Driven, Visual Content EASY, AFFORDABLE, and FAST.  Visual Content Creation Is A Massive Market That Plays A Vital Role In Virtually Every Part Of A Business’ Operations, Especially In Marketing. But The Amount Of Time And Money That


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VIDVOICER WHAT IS IT VidVoicer is An Advanced, Never Before Seen Artificial Intelligence Powered, All Inclusive Video Platform To create Jaw dropping videos & Voiceovers, Podcasts In Any Language or Niche within minutes. Most Marketers Reject the idea of Using A Video As it Turns into a Nightmare for them. Let us break this down


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VIDDLE WHAT IS IT Viddle is a full-blown video hosting & marketing suite that will make you the 1st agency to host, play & market your hd training, sales & client videos on ANY landing page, blog, shopify or membership site for the highest lead conversions, sales & profit. It’s no secret that videos are


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HUMAN SYNTHESYS STUDIO WHAT IS IT Human Synthesys Studio is a cloud based “Humatar” video creation software.  It uses real humans, real human voices, and text-to-speech software to create high quality REAL spokespeople that say whatever you type. Hiring A Spokesperson For Your Videos Can Cost Hundreds And Even Thousands Of Dollars Depending On The

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